Shiomitsu Sensei (9th Dan)
Born November 1940 in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

Started Karate in 1955, practising the style of Shorin-Ryu.

In 1959 on entering Nihon University he began training in Wado-Ryu.

He led the Nihon University to victory at the All Japan Wado-Ryu Championships in 1962.

In 1963 he became captain of Nihon University.

Shiomitsu Sensei graduated from Nihon University in 1964 with a degree in Economics and was also graded to 4th Dan.

In 1965 Shiomitsu Sensei came to live and teach Karate here in Britain. He also started to travel all over Europe.

Shiomitsu Sensei left England in 1969 to teach in Spain, then France and finally in Madagascar. He returned to England in 1976 and as lived here ever since.

In 1981 he was graded 7th Dan Kyoshi by the founder of Wado-Ryu, the late Grandmaster H.Ohtsuka Meijin 10th Dan.

In 1989 Shiomitsu Sensei was awarded 8th Dan Hanshi by the Wado-Ryu Remnei, Japan.

A major event occured in 1990 with Shiomitsu Sensei creating the Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy. This then became the only organization in Europe to follow the orginal path and wishes of the late Grandmaster H.Ohtsuka Meijin 10th Dan and carried on today under the supervision of his son Grandmaster H.Ohtsuka II Saiko Shihan 10th Dan, who had over 40 years of direct training from his father.

Shiomitsu Sensei was has recently been awarded the grade of 9th Dan by H.Ohtsuka II 10th Dan Saiko Shihan and the Wado-Ryu Renmei, Japan.

Sensei Leo Musyoki (5th Dan)
Leo Musyoki started his martial arts practice at the age of 11 by enrolling into his school Judo club, this early martial training was enhanced with stints of boxing training.

He commenced his Karate practice at the Ryushinkai karate club on 14 August 1980. He is proud to say he has trained non stop from that date. Ryushinkai club practiced a combination of Wado Ryu and Kykoshinkai. His appreciation and love for hard training grew in this environment.

He has enjoyed successes in the competiton arena following the club instructors preference for the 'open' competition. Fighting exponents of Kung Fu, Taekwon do, free stlye led to his further appreciation of other fighting arts.

A strategic decision to focus on Wado Ryu was made early by the Ryushinkai club, and they joined the UKKW. All his kyu grades and 1st Dan were obtained under the UKKW headed by Suzuki sensei 8th Dan. The death of Ohtsuka sensei in 1982 resulted in a split in Wado Ryu and Leo followed his instructor Masafumi Shiomitsu into the newly formed Wado Ryu Karate-Do Academy. 2nd Dan to 4th Dan were obtained under a panel headed by Shiomitsu sensei (recently awarded 9th Dan).

Leo's enjoyment of Wado Ryu increases by the year, he enjoys the challenges karate practice brings. As an instructor he his fully committed to the ongoing development of his students. The club he leads has a policy of following an intense but enjoyable training programme.

He says our club motto says it all: 'The harder you train in peace, the less you bleed in war'

Leo Musyoki sensei is a long term student of Shiomitsu Sensei, and considers it a great and unique honour to have been asked by Sensei Shiomitsu to continue teaching under the name OHKU KAI, Shiomitsu sensei's university club name and the name of sensei's club in the U.K.

Sensei Simon Hopkins (4th Dan)
I began karate in 1985 under Sensei David Bishop as a junior. Previously to this I had studied judo. I gained my 1st Dan in 1992 aged 19 under Sensei Ohtsuka 2nd (Son of the founder of Wado Ryu). Shortly after this I visited Japan to compete and train. I had the honour of training in Nichi Dai university which is famous for the quality of its students throughout the world.

I have competed for the Wado academy both nationally and internationally fighting in countries such as France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

I have also represented London Fire Brigade winning the World Firefighter games in 2004 in kumite. I came third in the 2006 World Fire fighter games in Hong Kong after suffering an injury.

I have been an EKGB qualified coach since 1994 and a member of Ohku kai since 1996.

Sensei John McGillivary (1st Dan)
After trying kung fu and judo I was introduced to karate during the late 70s. The first club I joined was Ealing Karate Kai which at the time was affiliated to Sankukai. Following a change in leadership the club took the decision to affiliate with Higashi Karate Kai led by Sensei Peter Spanton. Through Higashi I was introduced me to Wado-Ryu. Whilst at Higashi I attained 1st Kyu and achieved varying degrees of success competing for both club, borough and association.

Following a period of fragmented training I found the Wado Academy and began learning and experiencing traditional Wado-Ryu. I have been with Ohku Kai for over 10 years.

Karate is a rewarding pastime through which I have learnt a lot about myself and given me an insight into other people. It has enabled me to attain a healthy level of fitness providing an outlet for feelings of stress and frustration. The things I have learnt through karate about myself and others has given me the confidence to face a number of different and demanding situations. Through karate I have and continue to learn.